GG Renee is an independent author, blogger and creative coach under the influence of three children and a passion for soulful living.  Her blog, All the Many Layers, is a resource for women who crave meaning, honest dialogue and inspiration for the joys and challenges they face every day.  

As a writing coach, GG teaches her clients how to channel more emotion into their writing and establish authentic connections with their audience.  Her writing and self-discovery courses have been called eye-opening, emotionally healing and deeply impactful.  Her ability to speak to the hidden fears and desires of her readers is the foundation of her brand. 

She published her first book, The Beautiful Disruption, in January 2014 and her second book, Wallflower, in April 2014. Both books were written to inspire creative, introspective women to embrace their journeys and express themselves more freely.   She has written for xoJane, Carol's Daughter, COCOTIQUE, and From a Wildflower.  She can be found on twitter and instagram daily talking about creativity, consciousness and the art of being a fully expressed woman.