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The Beautiful Disruption is a vivid and inspiring work of lyricism, intelligence and emotion that uniquely sheds light on the processes of struggle and self-discovery.

It explores the dynamics of family mental illness, self-prophecy and transformation through the lens of a heartbroken woman.

GG Renee wrote this book to put a poetic frame around her own inner conflicts and to encourage her target audience - complex, creative, introspective women - to embrace what they have been through and live their stories with their eyes and hearts wide open.

In the words of Akilah S. Richards of RadicalSelfie.com, "The Beautiful Disruption is a manual for how to explore yourself without judgment. Who doesn't need that?"

Another reader said:

"The Beautiful Disruption" is an intimate, thought-provoking story about spiritual growth. Life's struggles (especially the internal struggles we face every day) can really wear on you, and sometimes we need a reminder that life is unexpected, it can hurt, it can be beautiful, it can be cruel, it can be kind, and sometimes it takes a soul-stirring event (a disruption) to make us wake up and start taking control. No, we can't predict or control every single thing that happens to us, but there is much that we CAN control, including what we tell ourselves, how we see ourselves, and who we share ourselves with. Find the good in life, the good in yourself, and shine a light on it. That's just a portion of what I got from this book. I can't wait to read more from GG, her writing style really draws you in, she knows how to connect with her readers. Just really, really good." - Dana K. via Amazon

The Beautiful Disruption reminds us that when we learn to embrace the beauty of who we are and what we have been through - the pain and pleasure, enlightenment and foolishness - that is when we truly begin to thrive.