• Image of Wallflower | Essays and Anecdotes for Quiet Women Who Want to Be Heard

All of my life, I thought that my calm, quiet nature was a weakness. I wanted to be tougher, more aggressive and more vocal. I felt that I was limited by my sensitivity and I saw it as a burden.

WALLFLOWER is a book of essays for women like me, who have gone through life thinking that something is wrong with them because they are introverted and reflective in nature. From shy beginnings and limiting beliefs to anxiety and the awkwardness of self-promotion, I offer advice to women who want to express themselves creatively but are afraid to draw attention to themselves and be vulnerable.

*Discover insights on how to make your individuality work for you

*Debunk the myths and limiting beliefs that keep you from believing in yourself

*Find out the truth about self-promotion and the mindset you need to share your voice in a sincere way

*Identify the key concepts that make fear irrelevant and purpose all that matters

With the right conviction, we can feel empowered by our individuality instead of feeling impaired by it. WALLFLOWER encourages women to embrace who they are and reveal the unique gifts that can only be found by looking within.